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Title in Spotify Track artist ISRC Title in MusicBrainz ISRC(s) in MusicBrainz Track time difference
Sacrifices Anonymus CAB4M1930300
L'union fait la force Anonymus CAB4M1930301
Scandale Anonymus CAB4M1930302
La mรจche est courte Anonymus CAB4M1930303
Vermine Anonymus CAB4M1930304
Menaces de mort Anonymus CAB4M1930305
Soif de vengeance Anonymus CAB4M1930306
La violence engendre la violence Anonymus CAB4M1930307
Pulvรฉrise Anonymus CAB4M1930308
Le mur Anonymus CAB4M1930309
Positif Anonymus CAB4M1930310